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Integrity Commissioner | SC Consulting

SC Consulting

Over 20 years of working to create effective governance regimes and processes in ethics, complaints resolution, education and organizational development,  to meet the client-specific needs, delivering measurable change and realistic inclusive outcomes.

About SC Consulting

SC Consulting (SCC) is a leader in ethics consulting, collaborating with organizations to identify impediments to functional governance and accountability. Over the past 20 years SCC has collaborated with organizations and institutions, in the public and private sectors, to create equitable, accountable and transparent processes and outcomes.


We collaborate and advise on policy and design of ethical infrastructure, codes of conduct, protocols and policies, dispute resolution for complaints investigation  and facilitate innovative training, professional development and governance regime creation processes to address the unique issues of our clients, their staff, and their partner communities.

About SCC Founder

Suzanne Craig is the Founder and Principal of SCC. She digs deep to really gain an understanding of problems, challenges and issues that stand in the way of clients’ governance, diversity, procedural and governance success. One of the first municipal integrity commissioner in Ontario, Suzanne has proven expertise in ethics, governance and complaint investigations. Suzanne has served as the appointed integrity commissioner to over 20 municipal organizations and is an expert in the area of municipal and provincial government regulations, conflict of interest, conflict of laws, complaint investigations, harassment and discrimination, closed meetings and human rights and lobbying. 

In addition to working with municipal organizations on codes of conduct development and complaint investigation, Suzanne is public speaker, trainer and dispute resolution facilitator who leads interactive workshops, lectures and mediations with a view to creating inclusive and effective governance regimes.

With demonstrated experience in investigations, including having developed best practices for ethics regimes and processes to address the breaches brought forward in complaints, Suzanne advises elected and appointed officials, administration officers  and community organizations on solutions to enhance and strengthen a culture of ethical and inclusive decision-making.

Suzanne Craig holds a Doctor in Jurisprudence degree from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” Faculty of Law, in Italy and has completed the Master of Law program at Osgoode Hall Law School.   She has extensive experience in legal principles of both common law and civil law regimes.  In Ontario, Ms. Craig has acted as an independent mediator, as well as, representing individuals as an agent before administrative and regulatory tribunals.  Suzanne Craig has a clear knowledge and understanding of legal processes, an expert knowledge of administrative and regulatory tribunals and the content and application of the Federal, Provincial  and Municipal Law, as well as US Federal and State Laws.

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