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Our Expertise

Employee Relations, Workplace Harassment and Human Rights Investigations

Integrity, Fairness, Ethics. Aspirational Motivation and Confidence Building for Staff, Government Officials and Citizen Committee Members. Communication, Negotiation and Problem-Solving, Conflict Resolution, Mediation. Legal and Policy Drafting, Report Writing and Public Speaking. Advice and Guidance for organizational employee relations and support for People and Culture strategy. Knowledge of Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation -US Federal  and State laws

Highly proficient in reviewing regulatory practices, mediation and performing consensus building, SC Consultants have experience and expertise as:

  • Independent administrative Tribunal Agent

  • Arbitrator

  • Mediator

  • Integrity Commissioner

  • Fairness Monitor

  • Training Facilitator

  • Closed Meeting Investigator

Human Rights Investigator | SC Consultants
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training

Human Rights Investigator

For SCC, Diversity and Inclusion are not just words but rather are fluid beliefs that must be part of an organizational culture. We understand that change is best achieved through education and directing resources and activities to a commitment to real and effective diversity and equity. It has been our experience that knee jerk reactions to problems do not bring forward effective and lasting solutions. Sometimes barriers to equity, inclusion and diversity lead to policy breaches. The experts at SCC conduct training and investigations in this important and ever-changing arena. It's not a one size fits all. SCC examines the organizational needs, culture and history to work together for measurable outcomes.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

SCC creates successful client outcomes  based on identified needs and requirements through corporate data and institutional information analysis. Governance, Procedure, Compliance, Behaviour and People are the pillars to promote and implement functional organizational strategies.

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