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At SCC, we understand that our advice to you will only be effective if it is relevant to your organization. Your organization has its unique frameworks, procedures, structures and people. Strategies that work for one organization will not work for all. SCC is committed to getting to know your organization before we determine what solutions will meet your specific needs.

What SC Consulting Will Bring to Your Organization

At SCC, our professionals work with you, your organization and your partners to create workable effective solutions with measurable outcomes.


We know that each organization is different and we invest time in understanding your needs to inform our guidance and advice with the goal to provide your organization with the most effective framework for your project.


Whether conducting investigations, developing frameworks, interviewing focus groups, analyzing client data, developing communication strategies or training, SCC applies our professional expertise in cultural aspirational understanding, organization development, change management training to our client organizations.

Some Of What We Have Provided To Our Clients:


  • Draft and develop Codes of Conduct for elected and appointed officials.

  • Receive, investigate, mediate and adjudicate complaints against Members of Council, Not-For-Profit Organizations.

  • Closed meeting investigations, Human Rights complaints, Workplace Harassment complaints.

  • Write investigation reports, make recommendations to Council, Boards and Committees.

  • Work with Members of Council, municipal staff, Regional Standing Committees and appointed Members of Boards and Commissions to enhance a commitment to the principles of ethics, integrity and accountability.

  • Render determinations on whether a Member of Council, Board or Committee has contravened the governing Code of Conduct and report on any recommendations for sanction, in accordance with legislative requirements  and any approved governance protocols or policies.

  • Draft general and confidential opinions on issues of ethics and integrity including in relation to existing and proposed policies, protocols and employee procedures, regarding the development of organizational policies that will enhance and strengthen a culture of ethical decision-making.

  • Publish annual and periodic statistical reports.

  • Deliver training to Members of Council, Boards and Commissions on Codes of Conduct, procedural, governance and conflict of interest rules.

  • Policy Development and Analysis.                        

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training.

Interviewing Focus Groups Services
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